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Nanoparticles from tea leaves 'destroy lung cancer cells

Nanoparticles derived from tea leaves can be the key to a breakthrough in treating carcinoma, scientists have "accidentally" discovered.
The joint Swansea University and Indian team was really desiring to produce markers for police work tumours.
They were astonied to find the "quantum dots" they factory-made destroyed eightieth of the carcinoma cells they were applied to.
But the team same making a useable treatment can be some years off.
Quantum dots area unit littlenanoparticles, 4,000th of the dimension of a person's hair.

They can be created with chemicals, however this can be difficult and high-ticket and has cytotoxic facet effects.

The analysis team, which has researchers from KSR Institute of Technology and Bharathiar University in Asian country, were thus exploring a non-toxic plant-based different methodology of manufacturing the dots, mistreatment herb extract.

Dr Sudhagar Pitchaimuthu, lead investigator on the project, explained: "The main reason …