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Is honey a natural antibiotic?

The healing property of honey is because of the very fact that it offers medicament activity, maintains a wet wound condition, and its high consistency helps to supply a protecting barrier to forestall infection. Its immunomodulatory property has relevancy to wound repair too.

Health advantages of Honey.It contains  flavonoids, antioxidants that facilitate cut back the danger of some cancers and cardiovascular disease. Recent analysis shows that honey treatment might facilitate disorders reminiscent of ulcers and microorganism intestinal flu. this could be relating to the third profit.
Raw honey contains disease-preventing and disease-fighting flavonoids. Raw honey contains each propolis and bee spore therefore you get the advantages of these 2 natural powerhouses also. it's been scientifically tried to assist with allergies, diabetes, sleep issues, coughs and wound healing.
Wallace shares four of the most skin-saving properties of honey. Acne: Honey is of course medicament, therefor…